16 June 2008
Aakrati has new home
Aakrati has been moved to new domain Aakrati.org.

Thanks for bearing with me....
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20 September 2007
And it happened.
I always feared that someday I will find myself in this position.

Yes we broke up. Me and M, we broke up.

It's very early to give any comments and opinion on how am feeling, but all I am feeling is liberated.
The sweet relationship which was once the most cherished possession had become a burden in recent times. I don't say that it was her mistake. Neither of us was wrong, but also none of us was right. I am just fed up of pointing the mistakes and blaming ppl. I wont do that again here.

I don't know why, but am having a strong hunch that she wanted this to happen. Infact any sensible girl would have done the same. Am good for nothing.

I think its time to move. I hope Life will find its way and we both can live in peace and happiness.

Kal aur aayenge nagmo ki khilti kaliyaan chun-ne waale
Mujhse behtar kahne waale,
tumse behtar sun-ne waale......

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09 August 2007
I am dead

Ab koi peeche na aayega tere,
Ab koi tujhko na awaaz dega,
Mudke kisse dekhta hai mere dil,
Tera kaun hai jo tujhe rok lega...

Ankit you were right.
"Life ka sab kuch ek hi stock main nahi lagaana chahiye... agar wo stock doob gaya to?"

Yaar wo stocks doob gaye. I am finished.

I am dead... DEAD!!! but then how am I writhing this??? My soul is dead.. Its just body which remains. A dead body, which is highly incapable of being loved. Without any self respect... All dark numbness has filled me inside.

Life is a Bitch.. Fuck it.
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20 July 2007
5 more reasons to miss you...

Feeling so lonely.....
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7 reasons to miss you even more....
Just to say I Love You

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03 April 2007
I miss you

How long does it last
Can love be measured by the hours in a day?
I have no answers now,
But this much I can say,
I know I'll need her until the stars all burn away....
And she'll be there....
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17 November 2006
Udhaar Khatam
Its over...

This blog is closed till any further notice....

Thanks to all, for being part of my life
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